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Life in my airstream

Adventure4Life CrossFit is taking it's name to the roads of America!
For 6 weeks, the gym doors will be opening out of Kerry and Lisa's Airstream, Bessie at campgrounds, or at CrossFit affiliates all across America.
Following along via instagram…lisaq13 or Lisa and Kerry's Facebook pages.
We'll see you back at the Red Fox Farm gym in May for the next WOD!


Failure is your best teacher, mentor, guide.
Where have you failed?

What have you learned?
How are you approaching the area in which you failed differently to succeed?


"…approach fear as a friend
…work with fear by blending with it's own force.
…(it is natural to have fear), exert the least amount of energy possible when face with such a situation.

Don't fight fear or try to run away from it. Listen to it's message so you can make adjustments.
' Alan Watts: The other side of fear is freedom'
Examine the fear and emancipate yourself from it's grip."
"Spirit of Dancing Warrior"

CrossFit Games Open WOD meeting #5

2013 CrossFit Games Recap

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